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After a major change in my personal status, I was struggling to identify my priorities and take a step forward in my new life. Working with Marnie helped me determine what really matters to me and she helped me create an action plan that gave me the confidence to explore new opportunities. Today, I am an active member of my community doing volunteer work that matters, have regained my sense of self, and exploring the dating scene in my city.
– E. Fischer

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When I left the military, I had no idea what I really wanted to do and I never thought I’d be the kind of guy who hired a ‘life coach’ but I can tell you, it was the best investment I have made in myself since OTS (Officer Training School). Working with Marnie helped me recognize the hidden strengths I had and helped me tap into my values. The work we did together gave me the confidence to start a business helping other veterans to make the most of their next chapter.
– Mike. P.


I was struggling to create cohesion with my coworkers now that we all work remotely, so I was looking for help. Marnie was able to work with me to create a targeted coaching plan to help me learn how to build rapport and express myself in a way that comes across as professional and approachable.
– E. P. Silver

Since working with Marnie, I have been able to launch my new business. Her style was direct and kind, but she held me accountable for taking action and was so inspiring, I looked forward to each session. I know that I struggle to step out of my comfort zone and having a success coach helped me identify small actions to take that weren’t as scary as I thought they’d be and lead me to my dream!
– Susan S.

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I was on the fence of leaving my job or sticking it out because it allowed me to be there when my kids got home. I wasn’t really sure what a coach could do for me, but I took a chance and the success and mindset coaching I got from Marnie was a game changer. She helped me prioritize things outside work that give me fulfillment and meaning and guided me through setting up action plans that gave me better structure to my days. Today. I still have the same job with the same frustrations, but I can handle them so much better and have built a MUCH richer life away from work.
– Jeff B.

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