Not Lost Direction

Marnie McCown is a success and mindset coach helping professionals in their 40s and 50s to redefine their career journey so that they can build a more balanced and satisfying life. 

After more than 20+ years of climbing the corporate ladder, Marnie was exhausted, stuck, and frustrated at the lack of meaning in her work. She loved her clients and had moments of satisfaction, but the hamster wheel of corporate politics was wearing her out. It was then that she decided to use her personal background, education, and intrinsic persistence to carve out a better life – a more balanced and satisfying life.

After making this mindset shift, and redefining what success meant to her, Marnie was able to successfully start two businesses, redefine her corporate goals, and achieve the balanced that she wanted. Not long after, she started speaking to friends, colleagues, and random passers-by on the street (true story), and quickly realized that a lot of other people were also feeling exhausted, frustrated, and stuck, searching for more balance and satisfaction but unsure how to move forward.

Inspired by her experience, and using the same process she used for herself, Marnie got certified as a coach practitioner and launched Clarity Coaching, as a success and mindset coach. Since then, she has helped professionals, from a variety of backgrounds and industries, to redefine their career journey, create more balance, and explore ways to find more satisfaction in their professional and personal lives.

As a success and mindset coach, her style blends coaching AND consulting to provide guidance, support, and practical feedback to help clients effectively address their unique challenges. Marnie also blends coaching techniques with helpful assignments to give each client a highly personalized program. She also leverages her corporate experience in organizational design, executive coaching, learning and development, and business consulting to deliver meaningful transformation to her coaching clients.

When not coaching her amazing clients, Marnie may be searching for the perfect cup of coffee, enjoying competitive obedience with her dog, or learning something new!

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