Not Lost Direction

Hi, I’ m Marnie – your success and mindset coach!
Through Clarity Coaching DC, I help professionals, just like you, redefine their career journey so that they can build a more balanced and satisfying life. With gentle guidance, I act as your accountability partner to help you achieve your goals and provide resources to help you improve your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.

My approach is rooted in my 20+ years in the corporate world and blends coaching and consulting, enabling you to redefine your career journey that brings you balance and satisfaction. Maybe that means moving up to a new role, maybe that means moving over to stay in the role you have with a new outlook, or maybe that means moving on to something completely different.

Other than coaching and helping people build their best lives, here are a few things that help me live my best life!

  • I’m a coffee freak (black and sweet, please)!
  • I enjoy competitive obedience with my dog.
  • My favorite thing to do is to walk/hike; I love to explore on foot.
  • I get way too excited about starting a new journal (the blank pages of possibilities!)
  • I’m grateful for the life lessons I learned from my mother and grandparents.
  • I believe that happiness is a choice.
  • I know that it takes ACTION to build a more balanced and satisfying life for yourself – and I can help! 
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