Hello! It is mind-boggling to realize it has been 2 years since I last posted. I would like to tell you I was off doing something fabulous but that wasn’t the case.

On June 19th, 2020 my mother told us she was terminally ill and I said goodbye to her on August 29th, 2020. The next six months were spent with my father trying to get him set up to move forward and trying to reconcile the massive loss for myself. Almost two years later, I still grieve every day but in a different way and am able to recall happy times more than lament the sad. That is progress and that is all we can ask for, I think.

If you have stuck with me at all, I sincerely appreciate it and I welcome your comments on this or any post. What topics do you want me to cover? Do you have a question about coaching? Let me know and remember, the clarity you get today helps build the life you want tomorrow.


Can you change your mindset right now? Yes, you can!

We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking and these days we call that positive mindset. Mindset is a powerful thing. Consider those days where you wake up late, stub your toe getting dressed, spill coffee down your shirt, forget about an 8am conference call until 8:15, and so on, until your day ends with you in a really bad mood. Now, what about those days where you wake up late, but have laid out your clothes so you don’t have to rush, then you have extra time to find the perfect outfit, you don’t hit a single red light on the way to the office, have a great workday, and fall into bed at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment and a smile. What is the difference?

It’s probably mindset and how you reacted to the first speed bump of the day. How we deal with setbacks dictate how happy we are, how resilient we are, how much success we have, and how satisfying we find our lives. Mindset is a very powerful tool. The good news is that you can control your mindset. This is worthy of a very lengthy post or video, but here is an infographic with some basic things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your mindset! Enjoy!

[Original size] Improve Your Mindset Now

PS – because this infographic is embedded as an image, the links don’t work but in case your interested, here you go:


Hello and welcome (or welcome back) to Clarity Coaching Collective!

On this Monday morning, and after a very challenging prior week for all, it is a whirlwind in my little corner of the Internet. It seems like every day I am taking on new clients to do some meaningful (and really fun) transformation work but to mark this Monday, we are taking a moment of pause (and a fresh cup of coffee) to celebrate the little things that can make each day just a bit better.

I can’t recall from whom I got this idea, but I thought it would be positive way to start the week if I shared  some “likes”. You know, these are the little things that make you smile, cheer, breathe a sigh of relief, or just lift a bit of weight off your shoulders. With the daily barrage of bad news, COVID-19 information whiplash, ridiculous antics from governments around the globe, and impending doom from every news outlet, we need to take time to center ourselves and find the beauty in the simple things. If we focus on it, we can find a LOT to like.

For me, some of this week’s 👍🏻 include:

  • 2 new clients ready for transformational coaching
  • a handwritten letter from a dear friend (such an unexpected joy!)
  • a fresh journal with 249 blank pages of possibility

Now, I want to hear from you. What are your “likes” for this week? What are the little things that make you smile? Share with me in the comments and thanks, as always, for stopping by!